April 23, 2019


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I'm from Albuquerque and I had been talking to Jacob on and off about a sound system for my new car (at the time) in the spring of 2011. [hdme] was carrying Rainbow Audio and Arc Audio at the time. I didn't want to go extreme with the audio system and wanted to keep the stock head unit in more of a stealth setup. Jacob worked well with me on a budget friendly system utilizing a single amplifier, sound damping door kit, the Rainbow separates, Rainbow subwoofer, and I've been very happy with my car's sound since. Thank you for steering me in a positive direction with your component suggestions and for the quality installation. I have amazing SQ sound with an unassuming interior for a reasonable price.

Last year I came to [hdme] from Phoenix, AZ to have a full build done in my 2013 X3 including Jehnert speakers, Mosconi Amps and DSP. Well, that was last year. While I was very happy with the setup, I just needed something more, and kept thinking I needed a traditional sub.

I got in touch with [hdme] again, and asked what was new and exciting that would work in my BMW, and was told about the new Gladen One 201 BMW Extreme kit, and how this would totally change the way my car sounded, and would eliminate my need for a traditional sub and box. I think I actually used the term "Wizardry" when I told him I did not believe him.

The new Gladen speakers are incredible. Highs are strong but not shrill, lows are deep but don't overpower the mids, and the entire range is crystal clear at any volume. The difference between the Jehnerts and the Gladens is similar to the difference between stock and the Jehnerts, which is to say they were both great leaps in sound quality. Needless to say, the "wizardry" was real and the new Gladen underseat woofers are amazing.

Truth be told I'm a little nervous about what Jacob is going to find for me next.

I truly questioned my sanity as I traveled over 1200 miles to let a man I have never met work on my new car. I'm so glad that I did. Jacob nailed it with the install in my BMW X3, and it sounds better than I ever imagined. He will make sure it is done right, and spends a ton of time tweaking and tuning.

I'm really happy with everything, and I will use Jacob for my car installs for as long as he is still working.

If you are picky about your car audio, come to Jacob, he will make sure you leave happy.

Jacob did an excellent install on my 2011 F150. I had the doors insulated, new speakers, new tweeters ,and a sub-woofer installed. The vehicle looks completely stock, with clean bass, clear highs, and great mid-range. Jacob is very knowledgeable about various companies, and their inherent strengths and weakness for different applications. He is great to work with. I highly recommend HDME. Thank you Jacob!

I wanted to upgrade the factory sound system in my 2011 BMW 335. The best advice the dealer could give me was "Car Toys". CT selection and knowledge was very limited and a no go. I tried to contact custom dealers/installers in Denver, but nobody would call/email me back.

I found [hdme] online and Jacob emailed me back immediately with lots of helpful information. He had great advice and several product choices. I was ready to go, but had some serious delays just finding time to drive to ABQ from Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

An opportunity finally opened up, and I called Jacob on a Monday. He remembered me and the system I wanted. I asked if he could do the install that Friday. Yes. He ordered the equipment and I showed up on Friday morning. About 9 hours later, he was done.

I am very happy with the huge upgrade: Mosconi amp with DSP, Gladen x-ion plug-and-play speakers.

Jacob was a real professional in all aspects of the work, from helping me pick a system, to a perfect and beautiful install, to the advice and after-sale help. You won't believe how good your BMW can sound! Thanks Jacob!

by T.D. Guenther on High Desert Mobile Electronics

I purchased an '05 Dodge Ram brand new and got it with the Infinity sound system - I can;t say I was all that impressed. Over the years, I always thought of putting an aftermarket system in because I really enjoy accurately reproduced music. I researched local installers and happened upon HDME. The thing that struck me initially, when speaking by phone, with Jacob was that he LISTENED to what I was saying regarding my system requirements. A different installation company I had gotten a quote from earlier did not really listen to my wants - they didn't even ask what my listening habits were.

I met with Jacob and he recommended some products that I wasn't familiar with - one item, the PHD component system, had never even crossed my radar. Jacob presented me with three options that were close to my budget. One of my concerns was subwoofer placement in my quad-cab. I did not want to lose any storage or seating. JL audio has a $900 product that replaces the center seat of the truck (40/20/40 front seat) with an enclosure that looks like the stock seat. Unfortunately, $900 was a budget killer. Jacob had a manufacturer build essentially the exact same thing for about half that cost (driver included). The enclosure cover material did not match my interior too well and Jacob offered to have it redone - I declined because the mismatch really doesn't bother my colorblind eyes all that much.

Install day came and Jacob accommodated my busy schedule by coming in to his shop two hours early, and staying until well after dark when I could return to pick it up.

Sound quality - incredible, to say the least. Clear enough that recording flaws in my lossless audio recordings can be picked apart by a five year old. I always listened to Sirius/XM with my stock system and didn't think it was all that bad. With this new system's clarity, the satellite radio compression is painfully obvious, to the point that I may not subscribe any longer and just stick with good sources such as lossless audio and CDs. That is how good it sounds.

Install - other than the new head unit, the bluetooth microphone, and the aforementioned color match of the sub enclosure, I can't tell that anyone has done anything inside the cab. There are no wire humps under the carpet; everything looks just like it did when I took it to him. Nice, clean job.

Customer Service - Jacob has responded to every call, text, and email. He explained everything he did in great detail. His knowledge of audio systems far surpasses mine, but he put things into terms that I understood.

Overall - a great job. I will recommend anyone I know that is in the market for a system to him.

Thanks Jacob.

I purchased an '09 Tacoma A-cab and was needing a huge sound upgrade. A friend of mine pointed me to [HDME] and from there I was sold. I have been very satisfied with my Helix system. My expectations not only from the sound, but the service were meet flawlessly. I first was quoted over at Audio Express and to my dismay they had no military discount. As soon as I heard [HDME] supports the troops I was all in. The quality of work and turn around time was amazing. I will always send my friends directly to this shop and when I am stationed else where I will still send my vehicles here.

Great job, great sound, excellent service. Thank you.

by R. Scott Noble on High Desert Mobile Electronics

Satisfaction is an understatement when describing my [HDME] experience. From the first phone conversation on, Jacob's expertise and professionalism were consistently well placed. I had an idiosyncratic audio preference, namely the desire for extreme fidelity at low volume with minimal space for the sub and amplifier. I wanted to FEEL the music and hear every detail while not adding to my hearing disorder or rattling the neighbor's windows. When I called back several weeks later Jacob not only recalled the details of my requests but had done substantial research into making it a reality for my Subaru Sport Wagon specifically. In my research I'd not found any sub woofer box that actually fit my car and I was almost resigned to a standard box. Jacob however had found an independent fabricator that had molds to fit the little available space in my make and model. Next he worked with me to meet the needs of both my budget and a now quickly approaching departure date for a road trip. He also explained every step and helped me understand the details most important to me. I was a sincerely picky customer presenting unusual circumstances that were totally grasped and taken care of. After half my life of wish-listing high def car audio, I drove out of [HDME] thrilled with a system on budget and on target to my specifications.

Yet the story of stellar service still continues. I departed on my road trip and was well into Arizona when the sub woofer cut out. I rang Jacob who patiently took me through hardware diagnostics over the phone with no improvement. After a short pause, Jacob explained that this was the reason he needed to take a business trip to his rep in Phoenix where he hoped we could meet to resolve my problem. He immediately arranged for a garage for us to work where I met him the following day. He tested the defective woofer, determined it had shaken itself loose, traded it out with a new one he'd brought and sent me on my way inside an hour. Truly people... how often is service defined by whether or not an individual goes the extra mile? To solve my conundrum Jacob drove 800 miles round trip! In every trade there is a type who's genuine love and devotion for what they do shines greater than their peers, defining them as a true specialist and master of the chosen field. For pro audio Jacob is a master on many levels and [HDME] is bar none the best choice Albuquerque has to offer the high fidelity community.

First off I started looking online for the best sound system for my 2008 BMW 135i. I've had many sound systems in the past and was always dissapointed. It would usually be a bad to substandard install, bad equipment, overpriced, or a combination of all the above.

This all changed when I contacted Jacob at [HDME]. I did my research on a BMW specific forum and found that the BMW system required specially mounted speakers and was very limited in the choices I could get. After contacting Jacob through a series of emails, he recommended the Gladen Speaker package made specifically for BMW and a Mosconi One 4 Channel amplifier. After he sent me the quote, he even suggested that I drive from TX to NM. I thought he was joking at first but he assured me that he had customers travel from all different states and even one from Mexico!

So we set a time to do the install and he explained how it would work and was very knowledgeable and explain how all the parts would fit together. I did not even want to take a chance with a local installer as I have been burned many times prior.

So it was about a 10 hour trip to Albuquerque but when I got there Jacob was very friendly and he started to get to work. He also had a part time helper Tyson and let me tell you this guy was amazing at installing the amp and routing all of the necessary wires cleanly, the best I've ever seen.

Jacob went in and installed the speakers and even fixed the constant power issue I had with my headunit, and added a steering wheel interface to my Pioneer radio. When all was said and done, he powered on the system and man what a difference. The speakers came to life and had an unbelievable clarity, no distortion what so ever. Then Jacob went to tuning the system and the drive home was the best longest drive I've ever taken. The highs were crystal clear, the mids were pronounced, and the sub had the right amount of kick in perfect balance with the mid. I didn't think it would be this good, but I expected no less. I am totally satisfied and would wholeheartedly recommend Jacob and his crew to anybody looking for an awesome system at a fair price, namely any BMW owners that have the weak standard or HiFi system.

I went to [HDME] to get a system for my newly purchased Jeep Grand Cherokee. I told Jacob how much I wanted to spend and the type of sound I was looking for and let him take care of the rest. The system that he came up with is simply amazing. We went with Micro Precision speakers with a Mosconi amplifier and the sound quality is ridiculous, and it only keeps getting better as it gets broken in. On top of that, the quality of work that Jacob does, not to mention his enthusiasm for it, are really top notch. Ive had a system in my other car that I've absolutely loved for many years, the new one in my Jeep puts it to shame, so I can guarantee that one will be replace later this year by [HDME].

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