April 23, 2019


NavTV is one of the leaders in OEM integration accessories, specializing in Video-In-Motion / Navigation unlocks, backup camera and night vision / FLIR cameras, Bluetooth and iPod integration for the complex MOST systems in your Prosche and Mercedes. Please visit the website or call (hdme) today with questions about what we can do for your high end luxury vehicle.

Even in brand new vehicles, road noise can interfere with the clear sound we all strive for when building a vehicle environment catered to audio. Blackhole was designed and developed to cure these road noise and vibration issues with ease. The “Five” and “Tile” products, which are layered dampening material, not only vibration dampen the applied surface, but also absorb and block noise, all in a single application. The “Stuff” is an alternative to poly-fill stuffing used for enclosure buildings. this 6″ thick pad is applied to the interior surface of an enclosure giving it the characteristics of a larger box. “Mat” is the standard sound deadener mat used to eliminate rattles and vibrations caused by metal resonance. With all 6 products offered from Blackhole, everything you need to deaden and quiet your vehicle is covered.

Metra / BestKits / Scosche / Pac-Audio
The advantage of working with every manufacturer of dash mounting kits, wiring harnesses and vehicle interfaces means that there are very few cars we cannot work on. Not only does this mean we have a wide selection, but also that we can pick the very best fitting parts for your vehicle.

Most European imports have very interesting wiring and features. By teaming up with Connects2, we can make sure that the functionality and features of your Euro import are seamlessly integrated into your aftermarket installation. Connects2 is also one of the finest manufactures of iPod, bluetooth, and aux input adaptors on the market, designed specifically for your Euro Import. Please contact us for product applications and vehicle support.