April 23, 2019

Security & Convenience

Encore Automotive Systems
Encore is one of the newest alarm and remote start manufactures to come to bat, but their history speakers for itself. With several decades under their belt in the Security market, Encore is an innovator, redeveloping the way we look at alarms, and the technology that goes with them. From your basic alarm or keyless entry system, to unlimited range with the Entourage Smartphone Interface, we can do it all.

Interfacing with the computer systems in today’s vehicles has become tricky over the years, and thanks to iDataLink we can say yes to installing an alarm or remote starter into you vehicle, covering almost all make and model.

Escort Radar Detectors
With the goal of helping their customers “Drive Smarter,” Escort is one of the leading manufactures of in car driving aids, from Radar and Laser Detectors to navigation equipment from their SmartMirror to the new Passport iQ portable navigation with integrated radar detector.

Digital Guard Dawg
Digital Guard Dawg provides a complete aftermarket solution for RFID Smart Keyless Entry and Push Start Ignition (PTS) systems. The convenience of the “Hands-Free Keyless Entry and Start”‘ feature allows passive door locks and start the engine without physically using your keys. These systems can be used alone, together, or in conjunction with other aftermarket security and starting systems. With the addition of an iDataLink immobilizer bypass, the Smart Key and PTS systems linked together can offer a remote start system as well. As you can see, endless possibilities to simplify your commute.