April 23, 2019


Well, if you follow our updates, you might notice a theme when it comes to the kind of cars we work on. Due to personal interest, we like to work on BMWs in a way that no other regional facility can. We pride ourselves on OEM integration and fit and finish with the factory style. We’ve done a lot of them, and will be doing a lot more. Well, this idea has been transitioned into another brand of vehicle, Freightliner, and even more specifically, the M2 platform. We’ve been working hand in hand with Albuquerque Freighliner equipping their inventory with high performance audio packages, security and keyless entry setups, video and navigation, and well pretty much everything in our lineup.

What we have realized with the trucks that we have built is that while most truck builders might make a cool towing bed or headache rack, they really do not know anything about audio and video, navigation, or any part of our world. We have now spent a lot of time stream lining the build process, fabricating custom parts, and doing the research on how to integrate with these elaborate trucks.

This page is just for a general idea of what we have done, getting in touch with us is the key to finding out what we will do. Ranging from simple packages for the weekend hauler, to audiophile sound systems and navigation packages for the true road warrior, we can put together the best package you’ll ever hear.

Take a look below or to the right to see some of the other trucks we have worked on.