April 23, 2019

Things to Come…So Pay Attention!!!

As many of you know who have been following the development of the shop, and our product line, have been seeing mention of Illusion Audio. Well…after roughly 3 years of development, testing, redeveloping, retesting, bragging, developing, promising, breaking promises, bragging, development, designing, promising, breaking promises, and finally bragging…I introduce to you Illusion Audio!!!

Please ignore the fact that they look fresh off the plane, because they are, but let me assure you that these will be some of the most used Elite series of speakers at [hdme]. Our first set will be here on Thursday, and in staging for an FT-86 build scheduled for early September.

This is one of the most anticipated product lines coming to [hdme]. The reason being is that a year ago, we had the opportunity to test, install, and drool over the soon to be here Illusion Carbon C8 8″ components. After making the most of factory mounting locations in that vehicle, we found the C8 components to be some of the most fun drivers to listen to. Their detail, sparkle, and output was impressive, and their ability to reproduce lively music is going to wow even a critical ear.

Keep following updates and development of the brand, and the products planned.