April 23, 2019

Mosconi 6to8

Well, what can I say?? It is finally here, and in full effect!! Now that I have had a chance to use more than one, I decided to write up a quick impression of this long awaited processor. Now let me say something here, if you are looking for spec details like THD, absolute voltage numbers, and all the true nitty gritty, look here the 6to8 thread on DIYMA. What I look for in an item is simplicity and reliability. So far this processor does everything I need to do for my customers, and that is really what counts.

First impression while opening the box?? This thing is tiny!! I can hide it almost anywhere, and I have done just that on my personal car. Similar to the Mosconi AS amps, the 6to8 has a clean exterior, trimmed in an aluminum case with inputs and peripheral ports on one side, outputs on the other. It really is that simple. Install and programming is fairly straight forward. turn all input gains down, connect to source unit, adjust source volume to max unclipped, and match with DSP input gains. From there I create a base crossover map and turn the amps on with gains as low as possible. From there is simple. Set amp gains, grab your RTA and have fun.

Now…when I say have fun, I really mean to say it’s been nice knowing you. A DSP like this does two things for an owner, it gives you adjustability to tweak every little thing, but it also takes away from just being able to listen to music. I have been continuously adjusting crossover points and driver phase since installing my 6to8, and I have not even started with the crossover portion. There is my warning, HAHA.

I would like to give special thanks to Garrick (E30 Racer) for the use of his pictures. As you might know, I am somewhat of a horrible photographer. Thanks again, Garrick.