March 22, 2019

X3 Rebuild!!! (Updated)

Well, after the success with the Gladen 201 Extreme kit recently, I made the mistake of bragging about it to our previous BMW X3 client. Well…needless to say I will be in Phoenix, AZ this weekend swapping the previously installed Jehnert FlatLine Kit in the front and rear of the vehicle for the new Gladen One 201 BMW Extreme Kit in the front, and the Gladen One 100 BMW coaxial speakers in the back. The rear speakers are being simplified because after deciding to eliminate them all together on the audio side, they are still needed to retain the factory backup sensors. I will make sure to take pictures this time, as I am pretty sure I forgot with the most recent X3. I will update this post with a small gallery and the results when I am back from Phoenix.


OK…so I completely neglected to take pictures, as with the last build of a Gladen 201 BMW Extreme Kit in an x3, but I did hear from owner after having the new speakers system installed and playing for a couple of weeks, and here is what he had to say.

“The new Gladen speakers are incredible. Highs are strong but not shrill, lows are deep but don’t overpower the mids, and the entire range is crystal clear at any volume. The difference between the Jehnerts and the Gladens is similar to the difference between stock and the Jehnerts, which is to say they were both great leaps in sound quality. Truth be told I’m a little nervous about what Jacob is going to find for me next.”