March 22, 2019

New Gladen BMW Kits

ONE_201BMW_ExtremeWell, now that we have an install or two knocked out with the new Gladen Audio BMW kits, I feel that we can talk a little about them, and start to create the buzz. The new 201 series of BMW kits come in two packages, standard and extreme (high output). These kits are designed to work hand in hand with the factory amplifiers and with aftermarket 4 channel amplifiers, and even the base model stereo with no tweeters. The key to making these kits perform is to either pair them with the appropriate factory source and power system, or go with a complete aftermarket install as you can see from our installations. When paired with a high quality Mosconi or Gladen 4 channel amplifier, these speakers really come to life.

As for fitment, these kits have replaced the old X-Ion 200 BMW and One 200 BMW kits that were available for the E Chassis BMWs from 2005-6+ (Depending on model) and are now also compatible with the F Chassis cars and SUVs.

Not only do we offer the whole package, but we can also offer you a high quality component set or coaxial set to replace those stock rear speakers (or just a simple front upgrade), or just the underseat woofers to make the best out of the factory system. While the BMW kits are drop in, they should be paired with our plug and play harness kits, available for any of the options that have been talked about.

Please Contact Us to talk about your upgrade, schedule a sit down with one of our specialists, or to inquire about having us perform your install at our Albuquerque facility.