March 22, 2019

2012 BMW x3 (F25)

When products that I love installing get an update for the better, I could not be more excited, and this is the case with the new Gladen Audio One 201 BMW Extreme. We installed this new kit in a vehicle platform that was previously difficult to work on. With it’s thinner profile doors, and different underseat woofer locations, the F Chassis BMWs made old speaker offerings  not compatible.  Gladen Audio has stepped up and developed a kit that is drop in with these new F Chassis BMWs, and with our plug and play harnesses, the install was flawless. Not only was the kit more exciting to listen to, and had more low frequency presence, while using the stock amplifier, once we completed the install with the new Mosconi AS 100.4 Amplifier and 4to6 Digital Sound Processor, we could fine tune the build, smooth out the response, and really create a listening environment. I can tell you from the phone call I received that the customer’s drive home to Dallas was certainly more exciting than his drive to Albuquerque.

We went a little above with this build as well and covered the door panels with Focal BAM sound enhancement products to add a little mass and sound absorption to the door panel. This not only helped with midrange response, it also helped quiet the front cabin for reduced road noise.

Well, much to my dismay, I neglected to take ANY pictures of this build, but If you look here you can get an idea of the layout and the vehicle.