April 23, 2019

A Simple Add On

Well, in the midst of all the shenanigans and goings on, I completely neglected this little gem. While we are familiar with the M2 chassis from FreightLiner, this one was a little different. A true tow rig, this full bore hauler was an electronically controlled manual transmission single axle truck built for work. While the previous owner did a considerable amount of work to the truck, it still lacked convenience. This is where Encore came to the rescue. We equipped this truck with just a simple Encore E3 security and entry package. Along with that we cleaned up a good amount of the previously installed equipment. This goes back to the idea of let the bed guys build the beds, let the audio guys install the audio. While not an extravagant build, they are still fun.

ALSO…notice the air damn on the roof?!? That’s right, Go Cowboys!!!