April 23, 2019

Built Another One!!!

Well, We finished up another Freightliner M2 recently; however, this one was kind of different as it was an extended cab. If you have been following our builds and rebuilds of Freightliner M2 trucks, you’ve noticed that they have all been 4 doors. This one we got to do something a little different.

As usual, we started with cleaning up the wiring that was in the truck from previous installs and possibly the conversion company. We made up a new door pod shape that will allow more versatility in speaker mounting. We also had a chance to do something a little different. We installed a quasi-3way kit into this truck. Using Focal Integration Line speakers, we installed an 8″ midbass into the new door pod, and used the 5.25″ Coaxial speakers in the factory dash location. This gave us much more output, while being able to play much lower than the 5.25″ will allow. While it was all run off of radio power, it sounded far better than any non amplified projects we have done…in a Freightliner. We also equipped the truck with a new Encore E3 alarm and keyless entry system.

Take a look at the pictures below. Believe it or not, that really is an 8″ Speaker on the door.