April 23, 2019

2013 BMW x3 (F25)

Well, since I’m still playing catch up with posts, how about a little bit about the 2013 x3 we finished not too long ago?!? The owner is a long time friend and customer, and you might have seen a little about his previous car, a 2009 Vw GTi that can also be seen here. This car was build even more on trust than the previous cars we have done together.

If you read our previous post about the 2011 e90 that we just completed, this is basically the big brother to both the car, and the build. While the e90 was built with only stage in mind and a single amp, this f25 was built from the ground up and starting over. The truck was ordered as a base stereo iDrive truck, which in the x3 is technically a fully amplified HiFi setup, which works out GREAT for an aftermarket build. We retained the factory iDrive control system and used the output to feed a Mosconi 6to8 DSP with a plug and play (PnP) harness. Replacing the factory HiFi amp, the DSP fed a pair of Mosconi amps, one being an AS 100.4 and  the other a One Series 120.2. The amplifiers then fed a plethora of Jehnert speakers, the Flatline 3-Way kit in the front and the Flatline 2-Way kit in the rear doors.

The Jehnert Kits are designed as a bolt in / drop in option for the e9x/e8x / e6x BMW platforms, and let me tell you, the F Chassis is a different animal. The underseat woofers dropped right in, so the seats quickly went back in and it resembled a car again. The doors front and rear on the other hand are a bit different. The front doors require a slight bit of tweaking to get to fit, and the passive networks were installed using PnP harnesses. The rear doors on the other hand were a PITA!! *cough* Rear speakers were not my idea. *cough* The rear doors have a pod that is required to mount the speakers and then also functions as a spacer for parts of the door card, so they must stay. The Jehnert baffle had to be modified to the EXACT shape of the factory driver to fit into the molded pod. Not a “hard” job, but just something to keep in mind if you are planning on replacing the rears of your f25 with the Jehnert Kit.

The amplifiers and processor were mounted in the factory cargo area, which the owner never used, and all additional storage compartments were retained. With the factory floor in place, you would never think there was aftermarket equipment in the vehicle. While we did not fabricate any crazy trim or false floor pieces, the clean look when the car is reassembled is the overall goal. No interior space was lost to build up the floor to house equipment. There is no techflex, minimal shrink wrap, visible zip ties, it is a raw and industrial install.

Considering the conversation I had with the customer about a week after we built the truck, and the fact that tuning and break in are still going on, the truck sounds amazing. A couple of small tweaks and it sounded even better. When an audio system makes your music library sound horrible, and you have to scramble to find CDs for audio fidelity, you know we did something right. Take a look at the pictures, and let us know if you have any question.