April 23, 2019

2011 BMW 335ix (e90)

Well…now that I finally have a moment to play catch up, I should talk a little about one of the recent BMW projects. I was contacted by the owner of a 2011 BMW 335ix in regards to upgrading his basic audio package to something far better, while still retaining the fit and finish of a BMW. After bouncing around a couple of ideas over a couple of weeks and finalizing the details I finally looked at a map and realized where exactly in Colorado he lived. Needless to say, it was not as close as I had thought. Well…this started the search for a local dealer referral a considerable amount closer to his location and that was that. WELL…around a year later, I get the call…”Let’s Do It, I’ll be there Friday!” So panic mode sets in, panic phone calls happen, over night shipping and begging to get things out in time from the specialty manufactures. Things fell into place on Friday morning and we were ready to rock. The installation could not have gone better.

The base stereo option, as you will see in the pictures, is equipped with a 6.5″ midbass driver in the OEM underseat location, and a “wideband” driver in the doors. The problem many have with the base option is the lack of high end response due to not having a factory installed tweeter. Using all genuine BMW parts, we installed the Gladen 3-Way BMW kit in the factory locations and added the BMW Hi-Fi window frames for the tweeters. The 6.5″ underseat woofers were replaced with a Gladen 200mm (8″) woofer, Midrange drivers were replaced, and the tweeters installed. Without taking the car apart, you would never visually be able to tell we changed anything.

The entire system, from the factory, is powered by the OEM headunit without the addition amps found in the Hi-Fi packages. We used a plug in interface to grab signal from the factory radio and feed the newly installed drivers. This was then run to the trunk and wired up to a Mosconi One 120.4 DSP amplifier. The DSP amp was used to give us far more tuning capabilities after driver break in. Where the factory head unit has Bass and Treble, we now have 30 Bands of ParaGraphic EQ, all built into the amp with no external hardware; simply put, it is awesome.

How did it sound?? It’s a night and day difference from the OEM equipment. High end is actually there, detailed, and enjoyable. The lows now have a lot more feel and presence. Please don’t get me wrong, the OEM system does not sound bad, but when listening to it, the occupant of the car does not have the desire to bob their head and rock out. This newly installed system is like sitting in an entirely different car. It can get loud, it is clean, and it makes the drive much more enjoyable.

Take a look at the pictures, and email us of you have any questions.