April 23, 2019

High Desert Mobile Electronics [hdme] is Albuquerque's premier mobile audio and electronics shop. Our primary goal is to provide experience, quality, and professionalism that caters to customers' needs. All of our products are hand-picked by our experienced staff in order to provide the best possible solutions for your needs. From OEM Integration with Bluetooth or iPod add-ons, to full builds with custom fabrication, we do it all.

We provide a free one on one consultation with each customer to determine their specific wants and needs. This enables us to recommend the high-quality products that will satisfy the customer’s needs within their budget. To schedule an appointment for your consultation, feel free to give us a call or drop us an e-mail.

Company News

New Gladen BMW Kits

Well, now that we have an install or two knocked out with the new Gladen Audio BMW kits, I feel that we can talk a little about them, and start to create the buzz. The new 201 series of BMW kits come in two packages, standard and extreme (high output). These kits are designed to […]

Gladen in the Lanes

So with the development of a new product line, we are starting to follow the competition scene a little close. While this is not really a pool in which we dip our toes, it is nice to see how our products stack up against the rest. Gladen Audio in the US is relatively new, with […]


Well, if you follow our updates, you might notice a theme when it comes to the kind of cars we work on. Due to personal interest, we like to work on BMWs in a way that no other regional facility can. We pride ourselves on OEM integration and fit and finish with the factory style. […]

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What had been in the bay?

X3 Rebuild!!! (Updated)

Well, after the success with the Gladen 201 Extreme kit recently, I made the mistake of bragging about it to our previous BMW X3 client. Well…needless to say I will be in Phoenix, AZ this weekend swapping the previously installed Jehnert FlatLine Kit in the front and rear of the vehicle for the new Gladen […]

2012 BMW x3 (F25)

When products that I love installing get an update for the better, I could not be more excited, and this is the case with the new Gladen Audio One 201 BMW Extreme. We installed this new kit in a vehicle platform that was previously difficult to work on. With it’s thinner profile doors, and different underseat […]

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